Last Resort

Last Resort

Cosmo Wallace Creative / Director / Editor

Paul O’Callaghan Director of Photography / Grade

Stylist Sonia Genders

Model Merima @ Profile models

Credits – Interior (in order of appearance);

1. Dress, Leather Harness, Ring and Shoes, all Topshop.
Top, Stylist’s own.
Socks, American Apparel.

2. Dress, BACK by Ann-Sofie Back.
Ring and shoes, both Topshop.
Socks, American Apparel.

3. Dress, Ring, Bracelet and Shoes, all Topshop.
Socks, American Apparel.

Credits – Exterior (in order of appearance);

4. Dress, House of Hackney.
Petticoat, Royal Exchange Costume Hire.
Headband, Stylist’s own.

5. Dress, Acne.
Ring and Shoes, Topshop.
Socks, American Apparel.

6. Dress, Topshop.
Cape, Royal Exchange Costume Hire